Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline
7 April 2014

Abstract evaluation deadline
4 June 2014

Early bird registration deadline
18 June 2014

Late registration deadline
15 September 2014

Opening of the congress
8 October 2014

Important information on pharmaceutical advertising in the Netherlands

The 23rd EADV Congress in Amsterdam is rapidly approaching and we look forward to welcoming you there. Before your arrival we would like to inform you about the following regulations and procedures that will be carried out and enforced during the entirety of the event.

Article 86 in the EU directive 2001/83/EC lists the prohibition of advertising and promotion of prescription-only drugs to the general public. These legal provisions are included in the Dutch Medicines Act and we therefore inform you that Dutch laws and regulations will be in full force and effect during the 23rd EADV Congress.

In addition, the national Code for Pharmaceutical Advertising (CGR) and the Dutch Inspection Board for the Public Promotion of Medicinal Products (KOAG/KAG) are responsible for so-called “self-regulation”.

Both the Dutch Medicines Act and the self-regulation codes prohibit the advertising of prescription-only medicines to the general public (i.e. other than prescribers). Solely prescribers may therefore be exposed to advertising for prescription-only products in the Netherlands.

Dutch law defines “prescribers” as: physicians, pharmacists, dentists, midwives, chemists, pharmacy assistants, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and specialist nurses (diabetes, lung and oncology nurses).

In the event of any illegal advertising the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate may impose direct administrative sanctions and substantial fines on the Academy.

As a multidisciplinary audience will be attending the event, we have been forced to take precautionary measures to prevent the possibility that “non-prescriber” participants are exposed to the advertising of prescription-only medicines.

During the registration process, we have therefore asked you to indicate whether you are a “prescriber” or not. Depending on the status you have indicated on your registration form, you will receive either a “Prescriber” or “Non-prescriber” badge on your arrival to the RAI.

Only participants with a “Prescriber” badge will be permitted entry into the Exhibition Hall, as the exhibitors may advertise prescription-only medicines in this closed-off area. Furthermore, only “Prescribers” will be allowed access to industry sessions (Satellite Symposia and Meet the Expert).

The Academy has had to review all advertising and promotional materials online and in the final programme book. All delegates will receive a final programme book devoid of advertising of prescription-only medicines and industry programmes. The Exhibitor Directory Manual (containing industry programmes, adverts, floor plans and contact details) and industry bag inserts will only be distributed to “prescribers” and can be collected at a designated booth onsite.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.